Energy of Presence

The energy of orgasmic Presence pervades every atom in the universe.
Each photon, each electron, even the gravity waves at the heart of the quark
in a star-forged proton, are permeated by a Presence whose energy is infinite.
What prevents us from experiencing this ananda, this bliss of Presence, is
our mind's anxious habit of inventing time, the illusion of a past and future.

Through meditation, we allow these mental images of past and future to dissolve. Then we can see the simple miracle that mystics of all the great traditions saw: "God is creating the entire cosmos fully and totally in this present now, a now which always and without end is itself new." (Meister Eckhart, 12th C.)

The peace and sanity of the world depend on whether humanity will take this
gentle step, and make this radical shift, into Presence.

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