Free Fall

Loss need not be heavy. Loss can be the way to weightlessness. Did Jesus not say, "My burden is light?" (Mat. 11:10)

The weighty shadow of my grief is only the beginning of a wondrous free-Fall. Jesus tells my heart, "Keep falling, all the way through the abyss, until you realize there is no ground. Then your loss is my grace."

And if there is no ground, there is no violent impact, no end to the freedom of the Fall.

Through his life and death, Jesus modeled the grace of loss. The Biblical word is "kinosis: self emptying," which occurs in one of the oldest fragments of New Testament literature, the hymn of Philippians, chapter 2.
"Though he was in the form of God, he did not count equality with God a status to be grasped, but emptied himself, and took the form of a servant... Therefore God highly exalted him."
Loss, like love, is a free-Fall, a process of non-grasping and self-emptiness.

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