Jai Guru Dev

The Guru is not just one man in a white robe, a beard, and sandals. The Guru is a lineage that spills the all- pervading grace of Shakti, the Holy Spirit, down the centuries through embodied channels, where it can flow in a more concentrated form, and pour into your heart at the moment of initiation.

That stream of grace ignites the Guru-Tattva, the Inner Teacher, in each of us. Then it is up to us to tend that fire, honor her in our hearts, and let her burn us up, until She illuminates every cell of our body. "Devotion to the Master" is devotion to this fire, this power in the heart. And part of devotion is our responsibility to share the beautiful Shakti fire with others, in love for all humanity.

After 47 years of practice, this is still my favorite film, because I know that every word is so innocent and true. But it must be said that this meditation isn't really a "practice": it is surrender to an effortless dive into the sparkling silence at the source of creation. Thank you dearest Friend, for passing the flame...

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