What Meditation Is Not

I thought we'd gotten over this. I still hear people dismiss meditation as "thinking about nothing," or "trying to make the mind a blank."
"Thinking about nothing" is not the condition of No-Thought, which is transcendental awareness, the dynamic radiance of the Void, whence every particle in the universe arises.
"Making the mind a blank" is fruitless, because a blank mind is still the mind. Real meditation means going beyond the mind, and diving deep into the sparkling source of energy which creates both mind and body.
Thinking of nothing and making the mind a blank only produce dullness and inertia. But the sign of meditation is an invigorated body, a purified nervous system, a heart bathed in bliss consciousness.
Transcending the mind is not negating the mind, but refreshing the mind at its source. After the stillness of meditation, intellect returns to activity clear, refreshed, and serene.
I offer this not in criticism, but as an invitation. Please don't waste another moment! Get initiated into real meditation, not just for your own sake, but for the sake of our planet.
Peace on earth comes from peaceful people, because peaceful people are dynamically peaceful in their actions. Peace on earth arises naturally when awareness is established in divine peace.
Jai Guru Dev

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