A flower makes no effort to spring from its seed. So you spring gracefully from the seed of the Self, because you cannot possibly be other than you.
The final liberation is just to repose as you are, right now, before you even have a thought. There is no other path, no other blessing, no other grace. This is why Jesus said, "Take no thought, but behold the lilies of the field."
Imagine how it feels for a rose to be nothing but a rose? For a wild lilac to be simply this galaxy of fragrances? Why be anyone else? In fact, suffering arises from the very effort to be other than I Am in the present moment.
Repose in the Self is not passivity. It is the ultimate dynamism, the regenerative power of surrender to the force of creation. Resting as you are cannot but release the germ from its seed, the action that the universe longs to perform through your uniqueness.
Ecstasy blossoms right here, and cannot be avoided. Confess that you are powerless to do anything about it. How else will you get through this devastating miracle?

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