In Kali Yuga

                                   "Beauty is a light in the heart." ~Kalil Gibran
In Kali Yuga, the most demented souls incarnate to work out their karma through violence, while the most enlightened souls incarnate to reach liberation through surrender. In no age is the negativity so great. In no age is the outpouring of Grace so overwhelming.

In the age of Kali, our attempts at economic, judicial or cultural reform feel futile. The chaos is too extreme. "Progress" in Kali Yuga is not measured by the degree of political change, but by the depths of the heart's surrender. This does not mean that we don't work for change. It means that we do the work that is ours with a heart free from fear and attachment to outcome.

This age plunges us into disharmony, caused by the extreme polarization of opposites. Yet it is precisely this quality of desperation that opens the possibility of surrender. In Kali's age, the pleasures of the senses are too fleeting to grasp, therefor liberation is much easier. In Kali's age, no belief of the mind can be absolute. As soon as we grasp one thought, we see that its shadow, its opposite, is equally real. Thus we can more easily discriminate between mind-stuff and pure awareness. There is really no salvation in the beliefs and concepts of the mind. Freedom lies in consciousness its Self...

The very instability of the senses and the mind drives us to abandon both material cravings and belief systems, and to sink into the heart. Here, in the depths of loss and confusion, we can only keep falling, until we fall into the abyss of Grace. Our salvation is the state of wonder.

Here we find that darkness is not the opposite of light. Darkness is the womb of light. In our absolute fallenness is a joy that can never be robbed by the world.

If we think we must end all the injustice, all the poverty, all the sorrow of the world before we can be happy, we will never begin to generate the energy of healing, the mightiest gift we can offer the people around us: our happiness.

Tap the source, the wellspring of Love, in the silent core of your own chest. Don't wait for the planets and the stars. Let the sun rise in every cell of your body.

Jai Guru Dev

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