The Night Behind Your Eyes

The night behind your eyes is illuminated with countless stars, whether you sleep, or dream, or wake.

The breathless wonder of this vast inner sky exists before time, has no boundary, never begins and never ends.

The radiant emptiness of perfect bliss is available before you even have the thought of "I." In fact, this thought of "I" is the only illusion overshadowing the Truth, just as the reflection of a fiery red rose overshadows the unfathomable clarity of the mirror in which you behold it.

The bounteous joy of your essence is so immediate, so free from thought, all that stands between you and this Grace is the search for it. Drop the search.

One could quote the Psalm and say, "Be still, and know that I AM God." But even this implies that there is something to do, something to know, something to find.

You already ARE the stillness, you ARE the source of knowing, you ARE the "AM" from whom both "I" and "God" arise as playful companions.

Krishna meets Radha, Jesus meets the Magdalene, in a fragrant secret kunj. You yearn to be there, a bee in one of the blossoms, or a moonbeam stealing through the branches, even for just a moment.

For thousands of lifetimes you wondered and wandered, searching for the path, the gate, the opening among the petaled branches...

O Friend, don't you understand? This garden is your heart!

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