Awakening the Ordinary

Awakening has nothing to do with changing outward circumstances. The ordinary is still ordinary - but it is now weightless, floating in groundless silence. The park bench is still a park bench, but it is falling through the boundless abyss of wonder.
The grocery store is still a grocery store. The camellia bud is still a camellia bud, beautiful and perishing. Like the old woman's face, wrinkled, lovely, and not long for this world.

Awakening does not change the forms and the content of the world whatsoever: it simply annihilates time, abolishing the notion that there is any "goal" or "purpose" in the future, any "meaning" in the story of the past

Awakening opens the vertical dimension of Being, which has nothing to do with the horizontal dimension of time. They converge at the center of the Cross, and that center is always Now. Being can only happen in the present moment. 

In awakening, the world does not change. But the ground collapses out from underneath it. Everything is suspended in the void, lighter than air. All you see is dissolving atoms, pervaded by vast silence.
Laughter erupts from your heart, because the cosmos is so marvelously absurd and whole. Things, after all, are ineluctably what they are, no more, no less. And this is a miracle that absolves you from the melodrama of needing to change the world. That is when true change begins, for that is when you become truly creative, creating your cosmos from the heart of the present moment.
You are also absolved from the the compulsion to find meaning. Freedom from meaning makes you light. That lightness, that freedom from meaning, is real liberation, because it liberates your awareness from the mind. Awareness, liberated from the mind, no longer imposes concepts on the miracle of existence. A camellia is just a camellia, just an ordinary miracle.
Yes, at the moment of awakening, forms and circumstances do not change: but they suddenly become weightless. The world that others take so seriously appears as a mirage, a kaleidoscopic phantasm projected through the seer, shimmering in the ever-expanding stillness of the Eye itself.
What happens in Awakening is precisely nothing. No-thing is the field of the divine, which is entirely groundless. 

This quality of ungrounded abysmal nothingness is the most unappreciated yet profound aspect of our existence. Awareness of omnipresent no-thing-ness gives infinite depth to the most insignificant event. A beetle on a blade of grass is as miraculous and stunning as the birth of a galaxy, or the resurrection of Christ.
Forget philosophy. Forget religion. See the revelation of divinity in a raindrop. The final truth is the apotheosis of the commonplace, in the present moment. Finite things are just what they are - yet their Being is infinite.

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