We look around our culture with a sense of desolation and loss. We sometimes think we need to escape into the ancient forest, or go live in an indigenous tribal village, which of course lasts about as long as a nice vacation; then we drag ourselves back to the suburbs.
We long for the miraculous, the luminous, the pure, the spontaneous, the wild... sometimes so much so that we drown our longing in temporary addictive fixes and highs.
Yet the glory of the miraculous is all around us. The radiance of the miraculous is within us. The substance of the miraculous is what we're made of. We just don't get down into the Small enough to see it.
Get down into the Small. Then you find that a single electron is surrounded by a photon-cloud where every particle has an energy charge of infinity. This is literally true, the real truth about Mater, Mother-Matter.
Her dance dissolves and re-creates itself each instant, virtual particles vibrating out of the vacuum. You can't capture that energy: it runs through the fingers of Now. And since you can't hold it, you just have to Be it.
According to Bell's Theorum (1962) now experimentally verified by high energy particle colliders, every sub-nuclear particle is, at the base of its wave, the same silent zero-point energy as every other particle in the field. As Darwin said, "We are all netted together," but this is true at the quantum level in a profounder way than he realized. One of the first quantum physicists, Sir Arthur Eddington wrote, "When the electron vibrates, the whole universe shakes." So isn't every subtle particle, every tiny building block of matter, a miracle?
You don't have to travel out of your body or attain "higher worlds" to find the infinity of your being. Just sink into what you already are, repose in your atoms, dissolve into the continuum of wholeness where a difference between mind and matter, what you want and who you are, does not arise.
Simply be aware of your body as the glory of countless photons. Infinitesimal divine sparks overflow from every point in your flesh. You are made of pure golden light bubbling out of unbounded silence. That is a fact. Be inebriated with your natural abundance, and be filled with gratitude. This state of wonder is the real Yoga, the real wealth. Human culture could be so just and joyful if people would simply rest in the grace and prosperity of their own bodies.
No political or economic system will end our greed and exploitation of one another. The system changes when people change - when we change into ourselves!
Being the energy we are is so innately blissful that it reduces wants to needs, spontaneously unfolding a simple sustainable lifestyle. Therefor, the political solution is a spiritual solution, and the spirit is the body. Selah.
The bliss of being the energy you are, is not an esoteric technique. It requires no effort or faith, no affirmation or visualization: just an awakened surrender to Isness.
Surrounded by miracles, composed of miracles, you dance with the miraculous now, whether you sleep or wake, whether you know it or not. So why not just KNOW IT?
Chaos is descending into chaos. So what? Let Mother Kali boogie and don't worry. She whirls in harmony, her harmony is your embodiment, and even when you experience her dance as a stumble or a Fall, you free-fall through the space where everything is always all right, the space of Shiva, the pure space of boundless compassion. There is no need for the mind to create duality by putting a concept around its astonishment. Why do you need a concept?
The Divine wears you, adorns the dance in sparkling beads of your own flesh, and loves to show you off. You are God's bling.

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