In The Palace

That which was in the beginning, that from which the universe sprang, that which is most ancient and primordial, bubbles up from the hollow core of the present moment.

To taste, to feel, to become intoxicated by this vintage while incarnate in the body, is why we are here.

Those whose transcendental goal is to abandon this corporeal form merely postpone their destiny. We come back into these hands and feet, this tongue, these eyes again and again, not to do penance or be tested by temptation, nor to "overcome" the flesh, but to embody infinite joy, and press out the nectar of love. Darkness nurtures this work of incarnation as surely as light...

Look around you. Scent all-pervading possibility. Touch the living creature by your side and pour your sparkling wine into the night.

Drink to your health. Drink it all. You are not traveling any path. You are dancing in the palace. 

Art by Andrew Gonzalez

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