Action Free From Thought

For 2500 years, Western culture has labored under the assumption that right action is founded on right thinking. This means that action must follow a preconceived plan. Therefor, when we act, we divide our attention between the present and the past. We're not all here. Half our mind must step back in referral to a previously constructed design.
The most creative action flows immediately out of spiritual intuition, without the intervention of thought. Ask a jazz musician. Ask a batter who must instantaneously connect with a pitch over the plate.
Intuitive action, free from thought, is not impulse. Impulse is blind absorption without awareness at all. But intuitive action emerges from  innate intelligence crystallized as clarity itself in the field of global awareness.
The act that flows from intuition is focused and intense, because the mind is undivided, all in one place. Creativity is Presence in action.
The universe has an incomprehensible plan that is more complex and wonderful than anything a Thinker could preconceive. The plan of Presence includes eternity. It is the Tao. It manifests through a dance of spontaneity.
As more and more of us become aware, we will choose Intuitives as our teachers and leaders, rather than Planners and Thinkers.

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