Everything Is New

"Old things have passed away. Behold, all things have become new." ~2 Corinthians 5:17
The most liberating political revelation is the discovery that we don't need to protest or resist the old paradigm. That struggle only polarizes, separates, and generates negative energy. Negative energy is that which makes us smaller.
We are not called to protest and resist because the old paradigm is burning itself down. We don't need to help it. We are called instead to begin rising right now from those ashes.
Rise and manifest the new energy, vibrating abundance and unity in the present moment.
The new energy values personhood above ideology. It does not superimpose concepts on the living miracle of Presence. Dualistic concepts such as 'white' or 'black,' 'capitalist' or 'socialist,' 'foreign' or 'native,' 'spiritual' or 'material,' only exist in the gray ghostly parallel world of thought, a world without juiciness. Those concepts divide. They do not heal. They have nothing to do with the radiance and wholeness of the Person, the wild healing edgeless contact of Consciousness with Consciousness, spontaneously generating a cosmos of divine Otherness, without separation from the stillness of the divine Self.
You vastly serve humanity simply by living, in and as this new vibration. Your very Presence is your protest, your dissent from all that is past. Don't let anyone diminish you by demanding to know what you are doing to save the world, or which "side" you are on. If they ask you, simply answer, "I Am."

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