Take Care of Consciousness

Just take care of consciousness and all will be well. Don't worry about your body. Don't worry about your thoughts. Don't worry about the stories you hear from far or near, the stories you hear from your own mind. Don't worry about your nation, your race, your religion. Don’t worry quite so much about your food, your water, your air… Just take care of consciousness.

Not "your" consciousness. Don't worry about "your." Simply repose in the gorgeous primordial warmth of the un-created One who radiates pure kindness in the heart of all creatures, if they will only turn and see...

Hug pure consciousness. Nourish the light of the Self. Let consciousness bathe in her own reflection. Feed consciousness her own nectar. You are the invisible sap. You are the seed and you are the soil. You are the sun of awakening, and you are the golden flower.

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