Waves of Love

 “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and trust shall be your strength." ~Isaiah 30:15
Love is not an action. Quite the contrary, Love always already is.
We simply melt into the innate condition of Love when we refrain from doing what divides us. We think that we must do and do and do, but it is our doing that divides us into parties, clans, nations, religions.
Love unites us not by doing, but by Being.

When I allow my heart to flow back to the ocean of love, I find only Persons, not parties. And I see clearly that each Person is a wave of Love's ocean: unique at its peak yet, at its base, merged in every other wave. All our waves are made of the same water. What is that water? Pure consciousness. 

The water stirs itself into expression and arises as a Person. But in rising up with great enthusiasm the water not only becomes a wave, it leaps out of the sea and becomes a drop. For a brief moment, the drop separates itself from the ocean. This is what most human beings on earth experience: separation from the whole.
Love incarnates as a human child, crying, I lack! Fill me! Then love takes a journey of return to fullness. This is the eternal story of the ocean of love, repeated in each wave as a human soul.
In our brief life of separation-consciousness, we imagine that Persons are in conflict, and that the solution to the conflict requires competition, aggression, even violence. Separation-consciousness is the real cause of war.
In separation-consciousness, each group blames its rival as the cause of the conflict. We blame Islam, Christianity, capitalism, communism, white people, Arabs, Jews, liberals, conservatives. We blame one nation's foreign policy or another's. But the truth is, we are each the cause of war when we insist on being separate from the world.
I perceives a world of conflict because I am the conflict.
War will never solve the conflict out there. Political action from the Left or the Right will never solve the conflict out there. I will never solve the conflict out there.
The conflict is solved in here. When I enter into the deepest meditation, and probe the very nature of pure consciousness, my false and separate identity dies. The separate me dissolves into silence, releasing a fragrance of grace, an elixir of wholeness.
The end of war will only come when a critical mass of Persons return to themselves, consciously nourishing human nature at its source.
This world is a creation of consciousness. The world is transformed when consciousness awakens consciousness. This transformation is not a doing, but a deep repose.
Rest in the heart. Rest from every thought and act of division. In rest is returning. In returning is wholeness. In wholeness is healing.  
When Jesus gave us the new commandment, Love one another, even as I have loved you, he did not mean that there was anything we must do. Doing was the Old Law. Jesus liberated us from the Old Law, the law of doing, the law of karma. Jesus meant that we are now free to Be. We are free to rest in our own nature as pure love, beyond doing.
Then is there no action to perform? Of course we perform action. Action is inevitable. Right action flows spontaneously from the grace of Being, just as fragrance is released from the opening bud. Action is a flowering of stillness.
Let the drop fall back into the ocean. Let the mind fall back into the heart. Fall in Love and Love will welcome you home.
Jai Guru Dev.

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