Have A Natural New Year

The 'highest path' is simply being natural. Every true Master has said, the nature of consciousness is to expand toward bliss, toward peace, in a most effortless way. There is more wisdom in the intuition of a honey bee than in all the concentration, self-control, and effort of the human intellect.
Most of the chaos humans cause in the world comes from our need to control, through our own mental effort. This effort backfires and chaos is born from over-control. Religious fundamentalism is just one example of how chaos is born from an over-controlling mind.
There will be a lot of chaos in 2016, and this will be a hopeful sign that human effort is backfiring. We will spring out of control, out of the old paradigm, into something wonderful and fresh: a life lived naturally, from the level of intuition, rather than the drudgery of intellectual effort.
If you study the religious traditions of the West, you discover than the theologians highly distrusted nature. Being "natural" was sin, because nature was "fallen". So they prayed for supernatural grace. This fundamental divorce between Nature and Grace has nearly destroyed Western civilization.
My prayer for you this New Year is that, in every breath, in every cell of your body, and in each atom of dust, you may allow Natural Grace to overflow. Let the Divine Mother take over. She is so lovely. She is your intuition. And She will make honey out of you.

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