"Judge Not"

"Judge not, lest ye be judged." These plain-spoken words by Jesus are seldom practiced, or even heard, by his followers. I know that I fail constantly to rest in the purity of his teaching.
In the coming age, "moral decision making" will be on the level of intuition rather than intellect. Simply rest in the silence of the heart, then do what you love at this moment. Encourage others to consult the heart's silence, then do what they love at this moment. Do not judge them, do not judge yourself, even if your "decisions" appear to be completely opposite.
A passionate freedom from all judgment is the perfection of moral philosophy. Refraining from judgment strikes the intellect as irresponsible, but is in fact the purest response.
Judgment is a fear reaction to protect the heart, locking the heart away from its innate power. When we have the courage not to judge, the heart comes alive in the present moment. Then we can respond with vulnerability, which is the supremely invincible power of love.

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