Be awakened space. Use thought when a specific problem needs solving, then settle back into dynamic silence, the wonder and emptiness of a vast blue sky.
People who are always thinking, but not aware, search for peace. People who are aware, but not always thinking, are peace.
Meditation is not thinking. Meditation is the choice to quit the search and repose in the primordial clarity of awakened space.
Realizing that 'I' am no-thing but awareness, the clouds of the past dissolve, the clouds of the future don't arise, and the clarity of Presence outshines every form.
No matter how many stories the world tries to impose, they are like a mirage in awakened space. They find no little "me" to cling to. I am not a victim, and I am not to blame.
Free to be born with this inhalation, free to die with this exhalation, I am available right now. I can respond. There is no other response-ability.
When space awakens, simply To Be overflows with bliss. The Master ignites it. And thus we say, "Jai Guru Dev."

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Anonymous said...

So lovely... Yes - repose in the primordial womb of stillness, primordial Awareness... Music to my ears :)