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LINK. This is one of Rashani Réa's exquisite coffee table books of contemplative art, using lines from my poems. I am honored by Rashani's gifts! It is the companion to my new book, Savor Eternity.

About my poetry books, 'Wounded Bud' & 'Savor Eternity'

The poet Shelley wrote: “Every original language near to its source is the chaos of a cyclic poem… A poet participates in the eternal, the infinite, and the one.” Ancient cultures recognized that the mystery of creation is the mystery of “original language.” So John’s Gospel declares, “In the beginning was the Word.” And India’s Mandukya Upanishad says, “All that ever was, is, or will be is created through the syllable Om.”

The poems in these volumes reflect this ancient science of mantra. Poetry is a means of taking us home, taking us Om.

These poems also reflect the tradition of the mystical marriage. Poets of Eastern and Western wisdom traditions understood the intimate play of soul and spirit as the whispering of Lover and Beloved. These ecstatic singers created a common poetic iconography, a love-language both sensuous and mystical, which we find in Sufis, Hafiz and Rumi, Hindu poets like Mirabai and Laladev, the Biblical Song of Songs, the Medieval troubadours, and the parables of Jesus. Mystical poetry can dissolve religious conflict.

These books offer us a revival of atavistic poetics: poetry as meditation, poetry as devotion, poetry as love-song in the Bridal Chamber of the heart.
As Rumi wrote, “The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire!”


"Thank you! I went to sleep last night with your book in my hands and rain serenading me. Lucky woman!" ~Teresa L.

“This book is a tavern.  Enter it from any direction and drink.  Each cup is a treasure, hand-crafted, unique, yet all contain the wine of astonishment and one full jigger of God’s freshest glory. O, so delicious! I drank too many and reeled off my barstool into the evening.  There I saw Whitman sail past the moon, old Khayyam was singing, and the Girl whom I’m planning on marrying whispered: Lo, these pages express what can never be seen, in words that describe what can never be said.” ~Peter Hayes, Author of The Supreme Adventure and My Lady of the Bog: An Archeo-Forensic Mystery

“Fred LaMotte’s poems come from the depth of silence. They are nourishment for the starving spirit, and spring water for the thirsty. They encourage the reader to leave worry and fear behind and return to the origin, the root of all roots. This is the kind of reminder we need in this troubled world that has forgotten how to smile.”  ~Guthema Roba, poet, author of
Wake Up and Roar and Please Come Home
“A modern Rumi? Fred’s poetry is rich with love, sensual and timeless, an exploration of what comes out of the stillness and silence of awakening. I have not read a book of contemporary poetry this wise and delightful in decades. As I do with the poetry of the masters, I will return to Fred's poetry again and again. It's a bit like reading Kabir for the first time but in your own language, and your own time. You read it and you know: this is a man who understands poetry, who understands spirit, who understands you." ~George Kinder, Buddhist meditation teacher, author of Transforming Suffering into Wisdom

“Discovering Fred LaMotte's poetry has been a true gift to me. His poems are beautifully-written portals to a high consciousness and, like all great poetry, expand the reader.” ~Donna Baier Stein, Author of Sympathetic People and publisher of Tiferet Journal

"Fred LaMotte's poems are passionate and rich, yet unusually spare, sewn together with fine mystical thread into beautiful creatures that breathe and live inside us long after we have met them. Reading his poetry is like drowning in nectar and seeing through liquid gold: we are immersed in the sweet taste of Truth.” ~Aile Shebar, founder of Writing from the Heart™, and One Heart Productions.

“Like a Rumi or Hafez, Fred has the rare and illumined skill of using words to unlock an inner door to the Divine Presence. His poems are not just language, but vibrational medicine that help us remember home. His humor, sincerity, depth, compassion, and challenge are threads that weave a tapestry of transformational writing. We don't read the words of Fred LaMotte, we breathe them in as prayer, and let them melt our hearts open.” ~Dr. Matt Lyon, Founder of Network Wellness Center and author of Radical Healing.

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