Breath of Spring

One inhalation brings measureless wealth. One exhalation gives illimitable joy. In a flow of astonishment, a single breath contains more revelation than the Bible, the Qu'ran, and the Vedas. In fact, all holy scriptures came from the space in your chest where this breath arises.
In the boundless simplicity of this breath, beyond the limits of past and future, is freedom to love. In the fullness of this breath, with the mind in the heart, is freedom from craving. To delight in this breath is the end of war, the end of greed, the end of consumerism and exploitation. In this breath is the answer to many of the worlds deepest problems.
Pouring into your crown from the stars, this breath spills out through your footsteps to enliven the dust. Your human body is the bridge between heaven and earth, because your breath is the prayer of the creator.
"He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person." ~Genesis 2:7
Walk gently on this planet, relishing the rain-sparkled moss with your bare feet. Listen to the poem of the lonely tree frog. Be wild and bewildered by an ordinary breath!
"Savor every inch of breath in your body. ~Sri Sri
Breathe in Goddess, breathe out gratitude, a silent breath your purest worship. Bless all humanity by making the miracle of your own breath conscious. Never underestimate the vast circumference and healing power of this breath.

Photo by Kristy Thompson

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