Full Moon Lila

Krishna speaks: "I have poured my entire soul into your body as this breath, yet I remain beyond you as the still blue sky.

Radha speaks: "I offer this breath back to you again and again, and I become that sky."

Krishna speaks: "Without your earthly body, my love could never be expressed."

Radha speaks: "Without your formless and unbounded silence at the center of every cell, every atom, I would have no cause to dance and sing."

Krishna speaks: "This garden blossoms in the air, at the end of a sigh, between earth and heaven."

Radha speaks: "Take off your shoes and leave your footprints on my mind."

Krishna speaks: "It is not enough to be a rose-windowed dragon fly. It is not enough to be a serpent of nectar dangling from the tree of knowledge. It is not enough to cut off a baby's head and replace it with the head of an ivory-tusked pachyderm. It is not even sufficient to gain the intellect of a lotus blossom. You must become a bold and whimsical Lover."

Radha speaks: "I will be your virgin guru in the erotic art of dying."

Krishna speaks: "Because you have returned my breath, the gift of a gift, wherever saints and fools whisper the name of 'Radha,' a thousand flowers will open and drop priceless diamonds into the pool of bewilderment, where this radiant moon both is and is not."

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