One solution for our political, economic, and spiritual problems: more inner silence.
There is a silence imposed by the mind that is hard, dry, and fruitless. There is a silence between estranged lovers that is cruel as a steel blade. There is the silence of cowards who are afraid to speak out against injustice.
But there is a deeper kind of silence, the silence of the heart, that is fragrant with the Word of God, bearing fruit. From this silence spill countless worlds of beauty that cannot be conveyed by human speech.
The silence of the heart is our true home. Yet it is groundless, placeless. We fall forever inward - blessed to be without wings - until we become the abyss itself. Then the fall is perfect stillness.
The heart's silence cannot be imposed by thought or discipline. It is prior to thinking, prior to effort, flowering from the void as the bliss of emptiness, filling every particle of this body with the courage to love.

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