At this very moment, the surface of your mind is a bubbling foam of thoughts, each thought lasting but a few moments, or less. Yet beneath this fleeting mind-stuff is an ocean of Silence, self-effulgent, luminous, eternally awake in its own nature, which is perfect joy and peace.
Lacking nothing, your depth is completely contented and full. And any part of it that You express is also full, the whole ocean in a drop. This expression of that fullness removes nothing from the whole, for only fullness can come from fullness, pressed out overflowing. You are perpetually ripe and sweet inside. You have always already come to fruition...
This gently surging sea of contentment is who You actually are. And the Great Masters - like Krishna, Gautama, Elijah, Jesus and Muhammad - are just children born of your all-mothering inward Depth. They came not to establish churches and religions, but simply to remind You of your true nature, take your hand and mine, guiding us back to ourselves.

Why not return to your heart, which is only the journey of a breath, and takes but a heart beat; then share this Radiance with others? Isn't that why we are really here?

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