Lotus Path

Like pulses of energy in the vacuum, or subatomic particles of so-called "matter," events in "time" are not connected by any real causal chain. Our mind invents and superimposes the connection. But the notion of causality only exists as a thread of thought, which dissolves as soon as we fall asleep, or get distracted by a surprise.
Between two moments of time is a causeless abyss. No thread exists, but a boundless chaos of possibility, where according to quantum physics, some events may be more statistically probable than others, but all possibilities reside in vast Uncertainty, blessed Uncertainty, making our radical and spacious Freedom the only constant in the universe.
The Shaman is one who gazes into the abyss of quantum uncertainty. The Shaman beholds that empty spaciousness as foreground, and sees the events that arise within it as background. This courageous shift of perspective empowers the Shaman to de-link one Now from another, to un-ravel the illusion of a causal thread. Then the Shaman is free to create a link from this Now to any other Now that he or she might choose to visit, whether in the past or future, whether in this world or another.
A Buddha or a Christ does not walk on water, but on the ocean of infinite possibility. Wherever they choose to step, a lotus pad materializes out of weightless consciousness, to carry the weight of the body. These mythical images are far closer to reality than one might think...
You will walk like this some, when you courageously abandon every path and goal; when you breathe not only through the crown of your head, but through the soles of your feet; when you travel not to arrive, but simply to caress the earth with healing joy. Namaste.

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