To The Beginning

Awareness forms a thought, 'I Am.' A thought becomes desire. Desire seeps into the heart. The heart oozes through its nerves into the body, a tingling in the fingertips.
This dream of Awareness boldly awakens the hands, to touch the hammer, the loom, the nail and wood of work, and then to caress another body...
Only to discover that this too is incomplete, insubstantial, forever instantly perishing, perpetually not enough.
Where is that boundless Radiance that Awareness was seeking through this thought, 'I Am,' through every desire and action?
It is here, prior to the first thought. It is here, prior to creation. The journey does not lead us to the end, but to the beginning.
Just become aware of Awareness.......
like the sky, empty and blue, the blue whose beauty is not separate from its emptiness. The explosion of stillness, this hollow is fulfillment. Its purity is love. It's attainment is prior to any seeking or path.
Just become aware of Awareness, and whatever happens after this, happens not through thought, desire, or work, but through the fragrant flowering of your annihilation.
Jai Guru Dev

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