Curling Up

When she needs the deepest love, my cat knows how to perform the Great Curling Up Mudra. This is the first and last Yoga asana. Needing to go home to her creator, she curls up with herself. Depressed or dis-eased, she finds a quiet, wild, solitary spot and curves back into her wound, practicing the purring pranayam, which is an exhalation of perfect trust in her loss.
If you don't know the Great Curling Up Mudra, learn it from your fur. Feel your skin with your skin. Occupy your body. If you cannot curl up in a life-giving way with your own body, how will you ever be able to curl up with a lover, with the flowers and trees around you, with this voluptuous planet?
All the medicine you will ever need arises from the furry radiant emptiness that is your true form, and healing joy is the nature of this very breath.
Bow down to your cat for teaching you The Great Curling Up Mudra. It is so powerful you only need to practice for a little while. Then you are ready to resume your feral wandering through the darkness, hunting rodents just for fun.

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