No Thing

The answer to our deepest question is never a thing. An idea is a thing. A belief is a thing. The mind itself is a thing, as much as a lump of soil or an emerald. But no thing can ever satisfy our yearning for the infinite. We are really searching for nothing.

Moses asked to know God's name. The name of a thing. God told Moses that the only name of God is I AM. Not "I am this" or "I am that." Just I AM without an object, without a predicate noun. God's verb has no object. I AM means, "I am no thing."

When we let objects, thoughts, memories, desires, pass through naked awareness without grasping them as knowledge, when we let the subject simply be without an object, that is pure meditation.
Then the subject radiates its own un-created light. To know, without knowing any thing, is to know God.

Art: Moses and the Burning Bush by Marc Chagall

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