When the radiance of the Seer outshines the Seen, how could there be fear or craving? Don't wait for dawn. You are the dawn.

In the previous age, we experienced our thoughts and perceptions as foreground, while Consciousness was background. We were not even aware of Consciousness as the energy-field in whom thoughts and perceptions arise. Now we evolve to a completely new alignment. Consciousness is foreground, thought and perception background.
It is as if we have been focusing only on the passing clouds, and now we become aware of the sky that contains them, transcends them, expands into infinity far beyond them. In fact, the clouds are but fleeting wisps of sky, ever condensing and dissolving. So all the forms of our thought and perception, even the world around us, are but wisps of Consciousness that dance like a mirage in the luminous transparency of the Self.

The world exists so that we may become aware of it, and then become aware of awareness itself, and thus be liberated by the very forms that appeared to overshadow and bind our awareness.
The physicist need not look for a God-particle, but an I-particle, wave-form of his own awareness. 
As an object, creation is the refulgence of Consciousness, and exists for the liberation of the subject. Matter appears to be the stuff of the world, but is composed of radiant subjectivity. To see this is to become the infinite light that cannot be overshadowed by the darkness of any finite form. To see this is to become boundless in the play of boundaries, living in the world but not of the world.
This is what Christ meant when he said, "I have overcome the world."

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