When You Wake Said The Fool

"When you wake," said the Fool, "sing before thinking."

"That's impossible!" I answered, "I'd need a thought to remind me."

"Not if you fall asleep with the name of the Beloved under your pillow," answered the Fool.

So night after night I lay my head down upon the holy names: Krishna, Jesus, Ha'Shem, Tara, and 99 names of Allah. But when I awoke, I forgot to sing...
Then one evening when the moon was full, I pillowed the whole universe on my heart and cried, "I Am!" All night I went on breathing, "I Am, I Am, I Am..."

Now my waking is a song of light. I am the dawn. Each breath is a synonym for the Lord, whose name is too secret, too voluptyous, to be spoken. 

Friend, remember your given name. 

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