Flower of Chaos

We seem to think that electing another president will change things. We assume that our political system brings significant transformation in our lives. And if there is something wrong with it, we just need to elect new politicians...
Maybe the problem is not the politician, but politics itself. The problem is our very assumption that we need a government to do the work of making our lives more livable, and human.

Is there a way to Be directly human in the world, without asking political representatives to negotiate our Being for us?
Let's be honest. "Politics" is based on ephemeral loyalties, masks of illusion, and subservience to the power of money. To survive, even the most idealistic politician becomes a docile servant of expediency and compromise. In 2008 Barack Obama said, "Hillary Clinton will say anything and change nothing." A year later, he made her Secretary of State. A few months ago, Bernie Sanders said, "Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president... She lacks the judgment." Now, at the Democratic Party convention, he places her name in nomination. Politics is smoke and mirrors. So are politicians.
Perhaps we need a new way to conceive of government. You Are the government. I Am the government. Now is our democracy. The only true politics is the way we live our lives this moment, together. Our politics is the authenticity and presence of our relationship.
I don't believe that Barack Obama will make my life better. I don't believe Bernie will make my life better. I don't believe Hillary will make my life better. I certainly don't believe the Donald will make my life better. Only I make my life better, as I work with you to make your life better, in the Now of relationship. In the coming age, this Now of relationship will be the only politics. O most blessed anarchy!

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