Mental Health is Collective

We're all having mental health issues. Any American who says they're not having mental health issues is insane.
If you are even half awake, you will admit you are having mental health issues. Just look at the people you, we, select as political candidates. They are all about power and control. Just look at the Congress we elect. They are all about serving their financial masters, who give us perpetual war and the arms industry. Yet we say that we are a peaceful nation, that we have a religion of peace, that our candidate is going to make everything all right. Is this not deep mental illness?
Look at what we do to our green mother. Look at how we "other" people because of the color of their skin. Look at our fascination with violence. We project this from our own energy and call it "the world out there." Then we pretend its not us. But each and every one of us have created this world. It's ours, not "theirs."
So let's stop claiming that we're OK, and that someone else is the problem. "Else" doesn't work anymore. Our mind is the problem. We need to confess our confusion and give up being "right" - politically, religiously, racially, economically. Because the people who are "right" are destroying the earth.
Maybe we need the courage to say, "I don't know." "I don't know" is a sacred mantra for us right now. It lets us fall down. Falling is sacred too.
We can sink from the mind to the heart, and repose in the ground of wonder, where compassion flowers. We can bathe in the breath of the divine Friend.

Ink Painting: Crazy tipsy zen monks being none other.

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Mystic Meandering said...

I don't normally comment on political posts, but - Touche! Not only are we "destroying" (?) the earth, but the soul/spirit/psyche of a nation and its people, especially minorities and otherwise underprivileged. The Dems claim that Trump was too "dark" too gloom and doom (the collective shadow as you pointed out in a previous post). And yet - he seems to have shone a light on the darkness that the Dems don't want to see, although I do not support him at all. And to hear the Dems you'd think they are wearing rose colored glasses! And not really *seeing* "reality" as it is - they representing the collective pollyanna/optimist. Am not trying to polarize here, just expressing my point of view as well :)

It's Crazy indeed. :) And yet we know that everything is unfolding the way it needs to, which is beyond our comprehension.
It would be wonderful to have a candidate who "bathes in the breath of the Divine Friend." Sigh... Feel free not to post this - just couldn't resist responding :) <3