Ocean Within

This very moment, billions of acts of loving-kindness are happening all over the earth. Yet love flowers in humbleness and anonymity. Beauty wears the veil of quietness.

The media will never show you these anonymous sacraments of the ordinary. The media will only echo momentary acts of violence, not the continuous bass-line of goodwill that is our human heartbeat.

Right now, the vast majority of human souls yearn for peace, and long to alleviate the pain of their loved ones. To sense this truth, let go of public noise. Step out of the media's echo chamber, and that includes the insidious subliminal nerve-wracking buzz of internet 'news.'

If you rest your awareness in the sacred space of silence for a little while each morning and evening, you will discover that your true nature is peace. The resonance of that inner beauty is nearer than any word, closer than this breath.
Your vibrant quietness is so intimate, subtle and soft, that it transcends the boundaries of matter, enfolding the planet as an ocean of Grace. Why not Be the boundless expanse of peace, of beauty, of grace that you really are, not in the future but this moment?

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