Happy Janmashtami!

Happy Janmashtami, Lord Krishna's birthday, August 25!
Actually, Lord Krishna was not born into the world. He is Ananda, bliss-consciousness. The world is born out of him, the primal energy of Bliss, each moment.
Even as He dances in the garden of Vrindavan, Krishna remains Shyama Sundara: the boundless blue sky (Shyama) of Divine Beauty (Sundara), containing all the galaxies, yet pervading every sub-nuclear particle of creation.
It is enough just to remember that each atom of your body is the play of Krishna, and your inhalation is the whole sky. Enough to know that your own heart is Radha, the paramour of the Infinite, and what She longs for is simply this breath, filled with Brahmananda, the bliss-energy of God.

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