Blue Diamond Gaze of Love

Pure consciousness is empty of all thought, memory, and image-ination. It is not a higher state of consciousness, not even a state, not even an "it," but consciousness itself.

Pure consciousness is not waking, dreaming, or deep sleep, but Turiya, the ground of all states. This is the field prior to mind, where mind arises, the space where thoughts appear and dissolve. Pure awareness is absolute inner silence.

Though pure consciousness is our very ground, we don't directly experience it. The "fallen" condition of our humanity is this: that we do not taste the peace and purity of own fundamental nature. Why? Because we identify with the continuous stream of images and thoughts that pass through the mind. We have "fallen" into thinking, imagining, dreaming and remembering, so deeply that we cannot perceive who we really are. It is like sitting in a movie theater and believing that you are in the movie you are watching...

Our "fall" is not exile from God, from paradise, or from some "higher" condition. It is exile from our very Self. This has been revealed in the various symbolic languages of the world's religions. But what has not been revealed is the secret of the blue jewel, the diamond gaze of love that eternally irradiates the heart of pure consciousness.

In deepest meditation, the silence of pure awareness solidifies. Abstract consciousness becomes concrete in the self-effulgent jewel of Krishna. His body is un-created, neither matter nor form, neither a thought nor an image in the memory. Yet that divine humanity is the very Self of the self.

Krishna is the human body of formless divine radiance, described by Dante at the end of his visionary journey in the final stanzas of the Paradisio. He is the transcendental body of pure consciousness beholding its Self.

How can the formless have a form? How can what is infinitely abstract be solid as a diamond? How can impersonal, transcendental, absolute Being appear as the loving gaze of the Lord's face?

On the level of the question, there is no answer. On the level of the answer, no question arises. For this happens in a realm beyond intellect, beyond speculation, in the crystal depths of a stillness prior to the movement of thought. Here is only the gaze of Shyama Sundara, which means, "the sky-blue light of infinite beauty."

When the meditator beholds the face of Krishna, there can be no more desire, no more craving. Nothing more can possibly be wanted. The fruit of Yoga drops from the tree of Sadhana, ripe and complete.

In his sweet gaze there is no subject or object, nor any shimmer of duality. The seer, the seeing, and the seen are one Self.

Yet in the absolute stillness of samadhi, there are vibrations of love. Just so, in the vacuum state of quantum physics, there are "fluctuations" of the vacuum. This internal relationship within the absolute silence of the Self creates a transcendental geometry, a kind of triangular prism containing one who sees, one who is seen, and the bliss of seeing. This relationship-in-unity generates its own internal space, not as the space between subject and object, but the space between subject and subject, vibrant relationship of love with its own essence.

Out of this paradox comes the impulse to create: virtual photons of light, virtual electrons of matter, the incipience of a universe formed from the formless, generated by God's love for God. This paradox of three-in-one - the seer, the seen, the bliss of their gaze - is too dynamic to contain its own exuberance. How can Lover and Beloved suppress their Love? The very force of paradox ignites the explosion of the created universe from the un-created silence of the Godhead.

This is the real mystery of the Holy Trinity, and the final synthesis of Bhakti and Vedanta, where the path of devotion and the path of union are one - one in the blue diamond gaze of love.

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