Full Moon Meditation

This evening, whether its raining or clear, why not bathe in the light of the full moon? Let that radiance, soft as pearl, pervade your breath, mind, and body.

A gentle moonbeam permeates each cell of your flesh, filling the space between your molecules, overflowing the boundaries of your form.

Let moonlight suffuse the silence within each atom, saturating the very nucleus, glowing in the stillness between gravity waves at the heart of a proton.

Just as the moon radiates outward, the moon radiates inward, bringing peace to the mind, penetrating to your crystal soul, which reflects it like an open eye of wonder.

This meditation requires no effort, no concentration, no imagining or visualization. For the light is already here. Just soak in the tingling  quietness of moonlight, and feel your anxious thoughts dissolve.

Just for a little while, turn off the news, forget politics, let go of your need to fix the world. The world has its own karmic spin: for the next few minutes, the world will survive without your worries and plans.

Let the balm of moonlight pool in your forehead, like a blue pearl. Moonlight is the presence of the Goddess, who wants to soothe your soul. But when we resist her, when we do not allow ourselves to be drawn into deepening silence by her fullness, we can feel strain and disharmony.

So don't resist the pull of the full moon. Let her mysterious gravity draw the tides of your body inward. Bathe in the moon, and be refreshed.

Photo: My teacher, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, gazing at the full moon.

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