Stay Where You Are

There is no path: nevertheless, stay on it!

Don't veer from the razor's edge.

The grit of your bondage is the portal to enlightenment.

You are instantly liberated from whatever you deeply observe.

In the heart of every sensation, know, "I am the unbounded witness."

Pass through frog croak, a wand of fading lavender, musk of withering toadstools in a ruined Autumn garden.

The entrance to the miraculous is through the commonplace.

Jesus said, "If you want to know God, taste this piece of bread."

Any sight, sound, smell, touch is the countenance of your Guru.

Whatever arises now is the Mandala of Supreme Liberation.

This moment on earth is beyond the heavens.

Bow down through your ear, nose, iris, tongue or fingertip.

Right where you are, enter the temple of intergalactic diamond emptiness.

Limitless laughter will erupt from your chest; limitless tears will flow from your eyes.

Your mother and father and all your relations, 40 generations past, 40 generations future, will bathe in your waves of astonishment.

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