The Simplest Meditation is to Rest in Love

"Prayer is not asking, prayer is just loving God.
~Shri Karunamayi Amma
The purest meditation is just to rest your heart in the love of God. Is this the love of the Other for me, or my love for the divine Other? How could love be two?
Is God the do-er of love, or am I? Our love is toward someone. The "toward" of love is like an in-coming or out-going breath. Its flow may proceed from my heart toward the Divine, or from the Divine toward by heart, until the two tides equalize in one serenity: the silence between breaths, between the syllables of 'So'ham."
"So'" indicates God. "Ham" indicates me. "Aham" is the Sanskrit root of "I am." Where they merge, inhalation kisses exhalation. Here, going and coming cease. Words cease. Prayer becomes deep meditation, and there is no more "toward." My love for God is God. God's love for me is who I am. Lover and Beloved dissolve in love, yet in that unity, a pulsation continues to arise, just for the sake of devotion...

Now in this effortless repose through love, as love, the mind might begin to question: "How can I love God when I do not know what God is? For I have never seen God, and I cannot prove God's existence." 

But you know what love is, and that is enough. Just bring to your heart the image of the smallest love, even your little child, or your pet. Surely, there is some little one you love. Feel that pulse of warmth in your heart, quite literally, in the deep core of your body.
Now let this image go, and just be with the formless feeling. Immediately, this little thread of formless love expands to fill the cosmos, because it has no boundary, no image. In a moment, you have captured the ocean of love in the cup of your heart. 
The tiniest thread, the faintest impulse of love, is a breath of the Cosmic Mother, felt as a sense of the heart. Surrender to that subtle intuitive sensation, without attaching any picture or face. This ripple of affection will lead you to the sea. The Mother guides you into meditation. As the psalmist sang in the Hebrew Bible, "Depth calleth unto depth." In the formless abyss of love, one depth touches another. The depth of God merges with the depth of You. 

If images of the avatar or the master appear, let them. They are delightful bubbles playing on the surface of love's formless ocean. You may envision Mother Amma, your Guru, Jesus or Krishna. They are all facets of one diamond, the brilliance of your divine heart. Your heart is a little hologram that contains the cosmos, and the forms of every Avatar, every God and Goddess.

Divine love is the subtlest form of energy in creation. The Hebrew Bible calls it kavoth, "glory." This is the cotton-soft down that fills the void with threads of pure light. In Buddhism it is the samnboga-kaya, the luminous form of Avalokiteshvara. In Hinduism it is the bliss body, ananda-kaya. In Christianity, it is the "Taboric splendor," the celestial substance surrounding Jesus seen by the three disciples on Mount Tabor. In Judaism it is the fiery cloud of light that consumed Moses on Mount Sinai.

This soft fabric of love-energy is why God is never impersonal. It is why Christians experience the reality not as abstract awareness but as Christ-consciousness, infused with the splendor of the Lord's gaze; why Hindus experience that reality as the very body of Krishna, the shimmering blue sky of Shyama Sundara, who is the very form of formless awareness; why devotees of the Mother experience the effulgent splendor of Sri Lakshmi seated on a red lotus within our own breast.
Whatever sadhana you practice, just rest in the heart, gently remembering your Lord as a faint thread of feeling, awakening a substantial inner warmth that soon grows to a glow, then a radiance, filling the empty silence where thought used to be. And this silent glory suffuses every cell of your body. Let love pour out through your eyes, your words, your hands of blessing.

Did not Jesus say, "The (inner) Eye is the light of the body. If your Eye be one, then your whole body will be filled with Light" (Mat 6:22)

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