Sword of Peace

Thank you, 2016. You were Goddess Kali in the form of time herself, floating all our trash to the surface so that we could "face it, embrace it, and erase it." May 2017 be even more graciously out of control!

The earth-plane is a perpetual dance of chaos, a spinning karmic wheel, where we must learn to embrace the co-existence of opposites. That is why we are here. Only by hugging paradox can we drop the apparent conflict and sink into the heart.

Those who wants "peace on earth" should not come to this planet, because the earth cannot provide constant serenity in external circumstance. Look clearly and see that this world is a flickering play of light and shadow. At any given moment, we find places of beauteous calm, and elsewhere, spots of infernal violence. Both heaven and hell are all around us.
Jesus never said that he would bring peace on earth. He said, "I give you my peace, but not as the world gives." He said, "My kingdom is not of this world." He said, "I have not come to bring peace but a sword." What sword? The sword of Shiva. The vajra-sword of Buddha Manjusri. The diamond sword of discrimination, slicing illusion from reality, shadow from substance, so that we may stop looking for peace in the wrong places.
Praying for peace on earth is like asking the wheel to stop turning. To impose permanent peace on human affairs would be a form of violence, denying sentient beings the opportunity to evolve in this dynamic energy-field, where every moment is precisely as it must be to let the mind surrender its clinging and relinquish another layer of illusion.

In this new year, I pray not for peace on earth. I pray that you may find the peace that is always already here, at the center of the turning. For in the radiant silence of your core, you are peace.

'We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.' ~Rumi

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