You are not here to let bad news weigh you down, or let heavy clouds overshadow you. You are here to irradiate the earth, to lighten its burden, and to outshine creation.

The uncreated radiance that outshines creation is not from above, but from within. It shines from your own heart-center. This is your work. Don't wait for peace. Don't pray for happiness. You are peace on earth. You are joy to the world.

Nothing can rob you of this fiery connection to your heart, except your choice to believe in the anxious thoughts of your mind. If you attend to the chatter that the spinning world feeds you, rather than feeling the silence at your core, whose choice is that? Who is guiding your destiny?

Let your attention sink from head to hridaya. This is the most ancient form of meditation. The beginning and end of all spiritual practice is to rest the mind in the heart.

Then listen. Listening is stillness. Listening sweeps the mind clear and awakens Presence.

There is no need to transit through a hierarchy of ascended masters, angels, initiations, or spiritual techniques. What did Jesus say? "You ARE the light." (Mat 5:14) You have immediate access to the radiance of the Divine, because That is your being. Touch your heart with this breath. Repose in the kingdom.

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