Called To Divine Sensuality

 "Eternity was in our lips and eyes." ~Shakespeare
Take a long sweet gentle breath in, then give it back... Take another long sweet gentle breath in, then give it back... Root down in silence...
Now open your eyes and create the world you see. Open your palms and fingers to create the world you touch. Open your heart to immerse this planet in the ocean of your love.

For so many lifetimes you have been the antenna, the receiver of information. Your senses were portals to let creation in from outside. You took this passive role for granted. But now is the time of the Turning, when the tide of evolution changes direction. The rays of the universe no longer flow from outside in, but inside out. Humans must now evolve into creators.

You are called to Divine Sensuality. Stream the energy of awakening through your eyes, your ears, your tongue, your nostrils. Radiate the Shakti of a new earth out from your core. From now on, You will be the one who says, "Let there be light!"

Don't wait another moment. Begin now. Or would you rather wait another six million years?

Painting: Earth Goddess by
Lihua Zhao

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