We don't need to construct a "higher self" or a "happy face" that denies the pain, the world-weary anger, the devastating loss we feel this very moment. We just need to open.

Open to the dark without resistance, breathing every chaffing grain of sand into the softness of your heart. Embrace each jagged edge and splinter of the world. Open down deep to the core, until you touch the one who is opening.

Unconditional vulnerability is invincible strength. When we touch our core, the dark broken flower that seemed so heavy with the toxins of human experience suddenly blossoms into what is so light, so fragrant, so whole. Why? Because it is no longer the mere content of our awareness, it is Awareness itself.

Beneath the pleasures and torments of our world is a continuum of awakening - an empty mirror underlying its reflections. Whatever disturbances appear, the nature of the mirror remains untainted: stillness, clarity, immaculate bliss.

Open Awareness is not a miracle. Requiring no belief, no transformation, no journey, it is the merest grace of being awake. Yet this mirror transforms whatever it reflects, drowns every fleeting image in the imageless ocean of love.

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