Beware of the science which teaches that your Self is contained in your body. Beware of the education which teaches that your Self is contained in your mind. Both body and mind are contained in the Self.

Body, mind, and even ego, are useful instruments for the Self to extend its wonder into worlds of form and vibration. But they are only very small creatures swimming in the vast un-created waters of the Self, who was awake in its own radiance before the worlds were made.

Indeed, your Self shines through your body.Your Self shines through your mind.Your Self shines through your ego. Your Self shines through the Moon and Sun. Your Self pervades the stars, and the space beyond the stars.

The body grows old and dies. The mind dissolves each moment. But the Self is a continuum that neither comes nor goes, neither sleeps nor awakens. Changeless and infinitely interior, more intimate than "I" to "Am," the Self does not think, feel, or perceive; the Self only witnesses the thoughts, feelings and perceptions that arise and subside in the depths of your stillness, like clouds in the blue sky.

Motionless yet moving all creation, silent yet inspiring all harmony, the Self is beyond birth and death, beyond happiness and sorrow, beyond light and darkness. The Self is pure bliss. Truly, the Self is pure bliss.

Therefor repose in the infinitesimal bindhu at the core of your heart between out-breath and in-breath. Here you will enter the dwelling of the eternal Self who outshines the universe. In this space you have no enemy, no fear, no blame, neither past nor future, for in this space the earth is created afresh
with each inhalation.

Whether you name the Self Bodhichitta, Christ, Shiva, or Guru makes no difference. If you arrive by the path of Buddhism or Yoga, Judaism or Islam, the Gods and Goddesses of trees and flowers, or have no path at all, makes no difference. What matters is simply to rest in the space of the Self as you gaze into the eyes of the Beloved, even when the Beloved takes the form of a stranger or an enemy.

This gaze is victory. This gaze is the healing. This gaze is peace. For to see through the eye of the heart is to see your Self in every Thou. Truly, the Self is pure bliss.

Now, friend, isn't it time to stop looking FOR that place, and start looking FROM that place?

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