There's a fountain inside you
where the water is ever fresh and clear.
I've been pointing to it,
but you must do the easy work
of turning, and following the sound.
Just as your soul is in your body,
this gushing spring is in your body,
but deeper.
We can only feel sorry for those
who wander above themselves,
who search in the sky or
look for another world,
because the light they seek is
shining from their flesh.
When you become so silent
even your name disappears
you will hear the music of this
river inside.
Ah, that terrible word again,
O Friend, there's nothing
to be inside of!
This is our little open secret.
You are made of the space
that you travel through
to find yourself.
The outpouring is your stillness.
Now drink here, and become fierce!

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