All anger is really directed toward the self, a cry for our lost wholeness. We are only outraged by one thing: that Life ever became separate from itself.

Anger is an intensified form of love, seeking restoration. The end of anger is not to attack the enemy, but to melt into that wholeness which was always here, underlying the appearances, the cracks on the mirror.

Moving reflection of moon on forest pool. The ripples are not deep. They give texture to the stillness. Moon is full, even if the image seems broken.

Full moon helps us return to our nature, which is peace. Feel fresh cool beams of moonlight permeate each cell of your body, calming the agitated intellect, melting away past and future, softening intuition beyond thought.

In Vedic science, there is a connection between the moon and the mind. The moon's fullness re-minds us, we are waves of beauty playing in the womb of silence. Om Shantih Shantih Shantih.

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