There is a blue sky in your heart. Before you take the next inhalation, before you have a single thought, gaze into your radiance. 

Not a cloud moves here, and no horizon limits the space of your purity. This sky is before the beginning. Some call it Christ-Consciousness. Some call it Krishna. Some call it Buddha Nature. It is vast compassion.

Deeper than silence, deeper than sin, more inward to I than Am, the sky of the heart forgives all, embraces all, witnesses even our birth and death with joyful equanimity.

This space is the infinitesimal bindhu between breathing out and breathing in. Yet worlds arise here, and dissolve without a sound, without a Word of creation. Here is your true home. You never really left.

To return, surrender this exhalation. Feel the silence. For one vast instant, become no one. Be annihilated in an inconceivable stillness.

The same sky in every heart, you in I and I in you. Our lives enfold each other like azure petals on a single flower. This is the end of loneliness.

Before you leave this earth, please, at least for a moment, become aware of the blue sky within you. That moment will send waves of joy to all your ancestors for seven generations in the past, and all your unborn for seven generations to come.

One moment of pure meditation is worth more than a million good deeds or a hundred thousand years of study. If you do not taste it while you are here, you won't find it afterward.

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