The Bubbling Spring

"Jesus said: I am not your master, for you have drunk, and have become drunk from the bubbling spring which I have caused to gush forth." ~Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, 13

What is this bubbling spring? Where is it located? How can one drink from it?
These words of Jesus are not symbolic. The spring he describes bubbles out of an open heart, the anahata chakra, flowing with an inward Light that is not figurative but substantial, an energy as real as any material object in the world of the senses.

Christian Gnostics called this heart chakra the Bridal Chamber. When the divine Spirit, or Shakti, of Mary Magdalene rises up the spine in the process of Yoga, through such practices as sudarshan kriya, pranayama, and meditation, She enters into the sacred marriage. This is the ancient hieros gamos: the union of Bridegroom and Bride, heaven and earth. Here She meets the Christ, the Shiva-tattva, who descends from the stars through the crown chakra, to unite with a rising current of planetary energy from the mother. The up-pointed triangular flame of ground-energy interpenetrates the star-energy of the descending down-pointed triangle, thus forming the "star of David," which is the ancient yogic symbol of the heart chakra. Mother Earth and Father Sky meet in the center of our own body. That is the purpose of our incarnation, to unite spirit and matter in a new creation.

The diamond of radiance that gushes from their union transforms both soul and body into one substance, where the old duality of spirit and matter is dissolved. In the Hebrew Bible, this self-luminous substance is called "Kavoth: Glory." When he came down from his vision on Mount Sinai, Moses was glowing with this Glory. Christian mystics called it "the Taboric splendor," for on Mount Tabor the three disciples saw Jesus clothed in this same divine aura.  It is the stuff of the Resurrection Body described by Paul in First Corinthians. It is also the subtle Bliss Body of the Buddha, the sambhoga-kaya.
We do not need to wait for death to inhabit this body of radiance. Right now we can begin the yogic-shamanic practices to transform our mind, our breath, and our flesh into one vibrant luminous energy, both human and divine.

The radiance of the Resurrection Body was always dormant in our physical body. The physical is the external trellis on which the subtle flower takes shape. With the opening of the fountain of our hearts in meditation, this inward blossom becomes conscious energy. Then, through the practice of the healing breath, Prana-Shakti infuses our physiology, raising the vibration of every atom.

This ecstatic energy is like the sap in a stem that makes the blossom appear.  This process is really a natural evolution that could take thousands of lifetimes. But with the practices of meditation, yoga, and healing breath, there is a quickening. The inner alchemy becomes conscious, and once the  transmutation begins, the soul is driven by a passion for the infinite.
There are human beings who have completed the alchemical transformation into a body of Glory. They are sometimes called the "ascended masters." They are our guides. A body of Glory like theirs can function in heavenly worlds or on earth. They can illuminate, inspire, and heal, either from a distance or in touch. The day will come when each of us will function in such a body. Then we can be of service.

Some people imagine that there is a conflict between seva, service to society, and
sadhana, inner spiritual practice. But this is a meaningless distinction since you will be of vastly greater service in your divine Glory.

At this moment in our history, the time is ripe for an evolutionary leap, raising humanity's collective vibration. Many feel this quickening.

Masters like Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint-Germaine, and Babaji, already function in the body of Glory. Jesus spoke of this body when he invited us all to infuse our physical form with spiritual radiance. In the Gospel of John he said, "These things which I do, you shall do also." In the Gospel of Matthew he taught, "The inner eye (pure consciousness) is the lamp of the body. If your eye is one, then your whole body will be filled with light." Jesus, as "the Word made flesh," saw no distinction between spirit and matter.

The Masters do not come among us to be worshiped. They come as our Elder Brothers and Sisters to teach the Yogic/Shamanic processes that will transform us into beings just like them.

Therefor, the greatest service one could perform for humanity is to awaken the heart and open its fountain. When we begin this process of transformation, it resonates through all of humanity, raising the vibration of others. It is not the imposition of a political or economic system that will transform the earth, but the quickening of our energy vibration. Economic and political changes will simply be the outward effects of the inward transformation.

To the materially-minded, this sounds like a narcissistic delusion. But the materially-minded have created a civilization so deranged, so violent, so full of falsehood and injustice, that their opinion can hardly be taken seriously.

As for the economic and political crisis they claim they would solve, these  problems arise from lack of awareness. People chose self-destructive pleasures. Unbridled greed for wealth , sensation, and power drives our economy, and these delusions sicken both the rich and poor. The craving for wealth, sensation, and power is a misdirected quest for what we truly want. What do we all want? the stream of Glory that flows from the fountain of the heart.

This radiance of the heart is our inheritance, our true wealth. When we find it, craving dissolves in gratitude, and this is the solution for humanity's problems.

The root of our addiction, crime, exploitation, corruption, and war is our delusion. And what is our delusion? We think that we can fill our inner void with the stuff of the material world: property, money, fame, sexual pleasure, and political power. But our true crisis is not economic, and its solution has nothing to do with changing our system of government. The problem is our ignorance about what we really want.

We are searching for the light in our hearts. We need to turn this outward search 180 degrees, and point our attention within. Then we need to embrace the very lack we feel at our core. We need to hug our emptiness as an intentional spiritual practice, to lift up our hollowness like a sacred cup. "Blessed are the poor in spirit," Jesus said. Blessed are the empty, for they shall be filled.

We look for what is looking.

When we see the truth, the wine steward will come. He will fill the grail of the heart with a sparkling vintage. The Magdalene is the empty cup. Christ is the wine that pours into her. Divine light, overflowing the heart, is the only thing that really fulfills a human soul.

Establishing contentment in the heart, we can simplify our lives, reducing wants to needs, until the most ordinary things become sacramental. This is the real economy. 

To take a breath is to sip the sweetest nectar. To behold a wildflower is to stand before the emperor's throne. To be merely present is to possess the stars. To walk on earth is to dwell in heaven.
Your body is the most beautiful garment ever woven. Sit down gracefully, stand up mindfully, walk lovingly with bare feet on wet grass. This is the royal Way. Gaze into each others eyes: this is incalculable wealth.

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