The Unthinkable

Unthinkable that we might abandon the failed European concept of "the state." Unthinkable that we might let so-called "nations" and their borders dissolve. But in fact, it is already happening.

Unthinkable that we might witness the extinction of the dinosaur, "federal government," drowning in a tar pool of bureaucracy, corruption, and waste.

Unthinkable that we might dwell in harmony without national politicians and the oligarchs they serve, without world religions, without vast armies.

Unthinkable that our civilization might spiral back to its most stable and creative structure: the sustainable bio-regional economy. But after all, "economy" comes from the Greek words, ecos (home) and nomos (rule): the rule of the home. Thus economy by definition is LOCAL.

That we might trust in local shamans, elders, artists, entrepreneurs, perhaps even in ourselves; that with boundless compassion and infinite presence we might find our kingdom in a shovelful of rich black soil...

Unthinkable, but I have thunk it.


Painting: 'Tribal Dance' by K.C. Aryan

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