We Perceive Only Ourselves

"Passing beyond the three Gunas of nature - purity, restlessness, delusion - repose in unity." ~Bhagavad Gita

Constantly driven to action by a restless mind, this same restlessness judges its own action to be superior to another's. But without any still and timeless center of reference, how could this mind judge whether the construction of the world's tallest building is more monumental than the silence of a trillium blossoming in forest shadows?

Whether a million marchers in the street are more significant than one healing touch on the forehead of a feverish infant?

Whether the overnight collapse of Wall Street is more meaningful than the imperceptible rise of one degree centigrade over a decade in desolate arctic ice fields?

Does the cry of a loon through mist on still water herald a transformation of the entire earth? Will you notice it when it happens?

"Meaning" comes from the mind, not the world. We superimpose our own mental qualities onto our perceptions. The violent look for violence. The tranquil find tranquility. The restless seek meaning in restlessness.

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