Welcome to the Dance

When we take sides, we polarize. One side fuels the other in a vortex of negative energy that makes each of us smaller, not larger. The heart contracts. Our very center is injected with the "three poisons" of hatred, pride, and ignorance.

What we don't want to hear is this: there is a seed of truth on both sides. We need to listen for the seed of truth in our "enemy." Compassionate listening expands us. This is the power that dissolves violence before it arises.

Power is in synthesis, not conflict. Power is the wider awareness that integrates mutual and complimentary truths from both sides. We don't even begin to realize why we incarnated on this earth-plane until we celebrate the dance of opposites.
Painting: the three poisons at the center of the Mandala of Yama, Lord of Death. They are Pride (a cock), Hatred (a snake), and Ignorance (a pig). They chase each others tales. Their motion drives the entire wheel of karma and rebirth.

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