Courage of the Witness

"Yogastah karukarmani: Inwardly settled in the silence of yoga, perform action." ~Bhagavad Gita 2:48
To witness requires deep inner stillness, which is the state of Yoga. But to witness also requires courage. Not with judgment, but with humor and compassion, witness this tragicomedy of errors that somehow presents every person with perfect lessons of character sublimely choreographed by divine necessity so that all learn precisely what they need to learn each moment, and have a perfect right to without our interference.

The irony is that the silent force exerted by the consciousness of the witness is as healing as any part played by a do-er, since the actor is really a re-actor, spinning tangled karmic circles in the ever-thickening plot of an ever-repeating melodrama.

This is not to say that you shouldn't play your part. But play it with dispassion. Let it go moment by moment, your soul settled in the silence of the witness. And please, never suppose that your part is more important, or less important, than any other's.

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