I Awoke

When I awoke this morning, before the mind of yesterday returned, I floated for a moment in eternity. It was so obvious that the truth about our universe was "educated" out of us and replaced by a false story of separateness, distance, competition, struggle; a story drilled into us at an early age and re-confirmed by our religion, our politics, our history and science classes, the literature they forced us to read...

But the truth is not this story at all. Truth is the boundless radiance of the silent Heart, the Anahata center, which in Sanskrit means "the unstruck sound." This truth is our immediate non-conceptual sensation, before we even begin to think. It is the total Self-perception of the body. And if the truth requires to be spoken, it might sound something like this...

Let go of your thoughts, regrets about the past, anxieties about the future, and simply feel their underlying sensations in your brain. Even a powerful memory, an event you believe really happened in some place you call "the past," actually happens in the present moment, as a flicker of light leaping an axon into the dendrite of a neighboring cell. The mental image created by this flare is secondary, like smoke.

Let your awareness fall back into neurological fire. Don't worry; you won't lose your mind. Your mind will be nourished at its roots. Then, when you need to think, your thinking will be useful.
Feel the subtle energy of your nervous system not only in the brain, but throughout the body. Become one field of sensation permeated by awareness, without any words, labels, or thoughts.

Now see if you can feel the boundaries of this sensation. Does your flesh have an outline? Does your body have any edges?
Feel the air around you. Bathe in the warmth of other living creatures around you. Do they have edges? Where does your territory end and their bodies begin? Sense the forest, the mountains, the ocean, the clouds, as extensions of your skin.

Now become aware of space itself, not as an impersonal abyss of frightening distances, but as the intimacy of your own attention. For space is awake. Space is awareness itself. It is not an abstraction you need to move through in order to get somewhere else. Space is an ocean of nourishment in whose waves you play.

Imagine how different our society would be if the people moving down the street, intent on getting somewhere else, would simply enjoy swimming, dancing through space. How would our body language change. How would we greet one another?
When you grasp the total field of your body, the stars are very near you. Galaxies that seemed to be "out there" now waltz inside you as the radiance of your own flesh. Separateness is an illusion. Just for a moment, give up the falsehood you were taught in school: the myth of distance. Let go of the story about the universe as an enormous machine far beyond you, in whose steely gears you are an infinitesimally lonely speck of grit, ground up between chill inanimate absences. This is the lie.

Dare to soak in the glory you really are. Your aura is not contained in the universe: your aura is the universe. You are not merely made of star-stuff: you scatter suns. Transcendence is mutual causation. Participate in the creation of whatever you behold.
Macrocosm and microcosm are simultaneously inter-active and mutually dependent. Be intimately connected to all sentient beings, as to your own nerves, wherever they are rooted on earth, in other worlds, or in the realm of the ancestors. Wash them with each heartbeat. Enjoy the inestimable honor of healing them with every breath. This is the truth.
Our sun is very active right now. It is your heart, after all. Let solar flares wash your body in cosmic particles, and don't freak out as your vibrations throttle up. Allow all sensations to happen in the knowledge that the cosmos wants to transform your DNA, evolving you into a gentle munching wingéd gorilla of unfathomable intelligence.

Illustration from 'Grandfather Twilight' by Barbara Berger

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